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Compassion For the Children of Palestine
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Palestine is a land of unyielding beauty with some of the most welcoming, friendly, and inclusive people in the world.   Life in Palestine is not to be understated, indeed it is extraordinary in every way.  We wanted to unite as a community to focus on demonstrating our tradtions, culture, and love of Palestine.  If you are unable to attend our event on December 3, 2023, please consider giving a donation here.  

With the ongoing devastation happening in Palestine, it is children who pay the heaviest price.  Thousands of Palestinian children have been murdered, tens of thousands injured, and hundreds still missing under the rubble of their homes.  The need to help them is dire and overwhelming; and unfortunately, grows by the minute.  In light of the recent and ongoing intense aggression and bombardment of Gaza, we feel it is absolutely necessary to aid Palestinian children as much as we can.  

Please help us towards our goal that will aid PCRF, a widely established organization inside Palestine and Lebanon that has already done so much for children with various medical needs, emotionally and physically.  PCRF has programs dedicated to the well-being and care of children including pediatric cancer centers, amputee services, surgical experts, psychological services, treatments abroad, medical missions, and orphan sponsorships.  Additionally, they have a focus on strengthening the local hospital infrastructure that then allows Palestinian medical professionals to develop specialized services inside their own hospitals which in turn reduces death and diseases. Since 1991, PCRF has helped an extraordinary amount of patients, family members, and medical staff.  Let us support them in their work the best we can while also practicing our beautiful and rich culture and sharing it with others.  

Please consider donating to help us reach our goal to help this phenomenal organization and give precious Palestinian children the care, compassion, and safety they should already have and will have one day in the future.  


ABOUT The PCRF Missions and Projects

The PCRF is a legally-registered non-political, non-profit, 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization established in 1991 by concerned people to address the medical and humanitarian needs of Palestinian and Arab youths in the Middle East. We have provided thousands of children life-saving care based on their need, not on religion, gender, nationality or sect.

The main objective of the PCRF is to identify and treat every child in the Middle East in need of specialized surgery not available to them locally. We locate, sponsor and run international, volunteer medical missions to the Middle East, in additional to locating free medical care abroad for children who cannot be adequately treated in the Middle East. The PCRF  is the main organization regularly sending injured and sick Arab children to North and South America, the Middle East and Europe for free care that is not available to them there. Since 1991 over 1,000 children have been abroad for millions of dollars of donated care, and over 10,000 have had complex surgery by our visiting medical missions to the region. The PCRF has been awarded the top 4-star rating by Charity Navigator for fiscal management, while being able to treat more kids than any other charity in the Middle East. 

Name Date Amount Comments
Muna Mustafa 02/26/2024 $1,500.00  
Jenna Al-Rimawi 12/22/2023 $232.00  
Jessica McCabe 12/21/2023 $100.00  
Anonymous Friend 12/20/2023 $1,000.00 For event
Anonymous Friend 12/19/2023 $3,000.00  
Anonymous Friend 12/19/2023 $4,530.00 For event
Anonymous Friend 12/18/2023 $3,000.00  
Yasmin Obeidallah 12/17/2023 $200.00  
Anonymous Friend 12/15/2023 $2,500.00  
Anonymous Friend 12/15/2023 $2,500.00  
Anonymous Friend 12/15/2023 $130.00  
Anonymous Friend 12/14/2023 $200.00  
Anonymous Friend 12/09/2023 $1,005.00 Donation from event
Anonymous Friend 12/09/2023 $3,000.00  
Anonymous Friend 12/09/2023 $1,000.00 Event donation.
Anonymous Friend 12/09/2023 $3,000.00  
Anonymous Friend 12/09/2023 $1,000.00 Event donation.
Anonymous Friend 12/09/2023 $1,000.00 Event donation
Ibrahim Al-Rimawi 12/09/2023 $1,000.00 Event donation
Anonymous Friend 12/09/2023 $1,000.00 Event donation
Anonymous Friend 12/08/2023 $30.00  
Anonymous Friend 12/08/2023 $250.00 This is part of a donation from my small business to all who contributed in purchasing my products. May god reward you all for helping!
Anonymous Friend 12/07/2023 $10.00  
Diana Montes 12/05/2023 $150.00  
Anonymous Friend 12/05/2023 $100.00  
Daniel Gonzalez 12/04/2023 $100.00 Thank You Mahdey Salhab for all your hard work!!!
Elsie Sanchez 12/03/2023 $70.00  
Stephen Reiss 12/03/2023 $50.00  
Fatima Brown 12/03/2023 $100.00  
Anonymous Friend 12/03/2023 $50.00 Tricky Tray value pack
Omar Taha 12/03/2023 $20.00  
Anonymous Friend 12/03/2023 $50.00  
Noha Egan 12/03/2023 $70.00  
Anonymous Friend 12/03/2023 $50.00 For tickets
Summer Khalefa 12/03/2023 $50.00 Thanks!
Nadia Hammouda 12/03/2023 $50.00 I love you YOU WILL BE FREE !!!
Roni Taha 12/03/2023 $50.00  
Hosameldeen Karkis 12/03/2023 $100.00  
Nahleh Abukalbeen 12/03/2023 $50.00  
Asahla Taha 12/03/2023 $50.00 Free Palestine
Anonymous Friend 12/03/2023 $140.00  
Hosameldeen Karkis 12/03/2023 $50.00  
Tara Mustafa 12/03/2023 $50.00  
Razanne Mustafa 12/03/2023 $20.00  
Rana Aburomi 12/03/2023 $50.00  
Khaled Mustafa 12/03/2023 $100.00  
Alia Abuassab 12/03/2023 $60.00  
Anita Choudhry 12/03/2023 $500.00  
Ibrahim Al-Rimawi 12/03/2023 $100.00 Free Palestine πŸ‡΅πŸ‡Έ
Paola Martinez 12/03/2023 $50.00  
Kiana Vetrero 12/03/2023 $50.00 Free Palestine πŸ™πŸ‡΅πŸ‡Έβ€οΈ
Nora Sumrein 12/03/2023 $50.00  
Maram Abu 12/03/2023 $50.00  
Hosameldeen Karkis 12/03/2023 $20.00  
Ibrahim Al-Rimawi 12/03/2023 $20.00 Free Palestine πŸ‡΅πŸ‡Έ
Fatima Brown 12/03/2023 $40.00 Free palestine ❀️
Rihab Mashal 12/03/2023 $50.00  
Anonymous Friend 12/03/2023 $20.00 $20 white tickets
Olusegun Onanuga 12/03/2023 $200.00  
Dana Hamdeh 12/03/2023 $50.00  
Tara Mystafa 12/03/2023 $40.00  
Mohamad Fattah 12/03/2023 $40.00  
Jamal Mustafa 12/03/2023 $1,000.00 Free Palestine
Kamal Amer 12/03/2023 $100.00  
Jenna Al-Rimawi 12/03/2023 $100.00 Raffle
Jenna Al-Rimawi 12/03/2023 $40.00 Raffle
Anonymous Friend 12/03/2023 $2,000.00 On behalf of the Late al-Haj Anwar Rimawi (Abu Adam ): I want to take a moment to express my unwavering solidarity with the children and people of Gaza. The suffering and hardship that you have endured due to ongoing conflict is something no one should ever have to experience. Your resilience and strength in the face of unimaginable challenges are truly inspiring. Please know that you are not alone, and there are people around the world who are standing with you in solidarity, advocating for peace and sending love and support in the hope of a brighter future for all. You are in our thoughts, and we will continue to work towards a world where every child can grow up in safety and peace. Your martyrs and sacrifices are liberating Palestine and palestinians once and for all inshallah.
Nayab Mahmood-Karara 12/03/2023 $400.00  
Ruba Hrieb 12/03/2023 $20.00  
Abderrahim Anwar 12/03/2023 $300.00  
Alia Abuassab 12/03/2023 $25.00  
Anonymous Friend 12/03/2023 $40.00  
Fatima Brown 12/03/2023 $20.00  
Anonymous Friend 12/03/2023 $20.00  
Akram Mustafa 12/03/2023 $500.00  
Ibraheem Mustafa 12/03/2023 $500.00  
Ghada AlKhateeb 12/03/2023 $200.00  
Luna J 12/02/2023 $100.00  
Derrick Larreta 12/02/2023 $50.00  
Anonymous Friend 12/02/2023 $200.00  
Jenna Al-Rimawi 12/02/2023 $200.00  
Tania Mustafa 12/02/2023 $200.00  
Wafa Mustafa 12/01/2023 $300.00 Payment for tickets
Rajaie Ibrahim 12/01/2023 $2,000.00  
Wafa Al-Rimawi 12/01/2023 $750.00  
Melissa Riviello 11/28/2023 $100.00  
Mary Shenouda 11/28/2023 $50.00 May God bring peace upon this world
Corinne Beaugard 11/28/2023 $100.00  
Christina Emseis 11/27/2023 $200.00 Thank you for the fundraiser! Wish we could do more Will advise if we can make the event. Thanks!
Khairi Alawi 11/25/2023 $400.00  
Ahmet Bidav 11/19/2023 $1,000.00  
Anonymous Friend 11/15/2023 $100.00  
Ralph DiBugnara 11/10/2023 $200.00  
Adangeli Juarez 11/09/2023 $40.00  
Anonymous Friend 11/07/2023 $25.00  
Hector Camilo 11/04/2023 $100.00  
Diana Mati 11/02/2023 $50.00  
Daniel Barros 11/02/2023 $500.00  
Jennifer Ciocco 10/31/2023 $50.00  
Mariela Gonzalez 10/30/2023 $100.00  
David Gonzalez 10/30/2023 $50.00  
Anonymous Friend 10/30/2023 $100.00  
Ivana Mitic 10/30/2023 $40.00  
Anonymous Friend 10/30/2023 $500.00  
Janine Rimawi 10/29/2023 $20.00  
Khairi Alawi 10/28/2023 $5.00  
  Total $46,892.00  
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