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Gaza has been under Israel's occupation and more recently they have been undergoing a constant onslaught that has killed almost 2,000 people and injured thousands more. One of the largest groups of innocent civilians that has been affected are the children. They have been injured, they have seen their families killed and many of them are now orphaned. Despite the physical injuries, one cannot imagine the psychological pain that these children and their families are going through. 

Any child that is 10 years old and under has seen more in their lifetime than any of us will ever see. They have been through 3 wars so far and yet these children are so resilient and so strong.  

I want everyone's help in trying to raise what we could to help the people of Gaza and these children. As the world turns a blind eye to Gaza and Palestine, someone has to be their voice and that should be us. It's about humanity and standing up for what's right. 

We are currently running a fundraiser benefitting PCRF by selling shirts to raise awareness and hope for the people of Gaza. 

Please like and share the following Facebook page for updates:


Please go to the following link to order your shirt. 100% of the profit is going to PCRF!




ABOUT The PCRF Missions and Projects

The PCRF is a legally-registered non-political, non-profit, 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization established in 1991 by concerned people to address the medical and humanitarian needs of Palestinian and Arab youths in the Middle East. We have provided thousands of children life-saving care based on their need, not on religion, gender, nationality or sect.

The main objective of the PCRF is to identify and treat every child in the Middle East in need of specialized surgery not available to them locally. We locate, sponsor and run international, volunteer medical missions to the Middle East, in additional to locating free medical care abroad for children who cannot be adequately treated in the Middle East. The PCRF  is the main organization regularly sending injured and sick Arab children to North and South America, the Middle East and Europe for free care that is not available to them there. Since 1991 over 1,000 children have been abroad for millions of dollars of donated care, and over 10,000 have had complex surgery by our visiting medical missions to the region. The PCRF has been awarded the top 4-star rating by Charity Navigator for fiscal management, while being able to treat more kids than any other charity in the Middle East. 

Name Date Amount Comments
Layla El Said 12/20/2015 $60.00 Here is a small campaign I collected from friends on my Facebook page. Every LIKE on your Video #IAmPalestine I donated $1. Good Luck & God Bless
Robert / Diana Leiva 11/28/2015 $100.00 Omar Saleh thank you for being the voice for so many.
Dana Qoraan 11/01/2015 $50.00  
Omar Saleh 10/30/2015 $100.00  
Suhad Awad 10/27/2015 $100.00 Long live Palestine
Neuberger Berman 10/08/2014 $2,000.00  
Anonymous Friend 09/09/2014 $1,000.00  
Anonymous Friend 09/09/2014 $362.60  
Abby Zayed 09/03/2014 $40.00 #Hope4Gaza
Anonymous Friend 08/31/2014 $100.00 No child should ever suffer. This existence sucks.
Steve Brown 08/29/2014 $20.00  
Layla El Said 08/29/2014 $20.00 #Hope4Gaza #PrayForGaza
Layla El Said 08/29/2014 $80.00 #Hope4Gaza #PrayForGaza May every little bit donated help Palestinians in Gaza move one step ahead to a better tomorrow. God Bless Gaza. God Bless Children of Gaza
Danielle Moyles 08/28/2014 $20.00  
Anonymous Friend 08/27/2014 $10.00  
Sarah El Said 08/27/2014 $10.00  
Sarah El Said 08/27/2014 $10.00  
Abby Zayed 08/23/2014 $10.00  
Akbar Mahmood 08/20/2014 $50.00 God bless you all for all the great work you do. Inshallah may we see Palestine free real soon. Please keep my family and myself in your prayers
Anonymous Friend 08/19/2014 $100.00 It's about humanity, first and foremost!
Julius Jungbeck 08/16/2014 $30.00 No matter where you are in the world or what your beliefs are, this is about being human.
  Total $4,272.60  
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