Cyril's friends for the children of Palestine
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Cyril's friends for the children of Palestine
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Since 2000, more than 2,000 Palestinian kids have died under bombs and attacks. 10x more will have to carry on their lives with serious injuries, wounds and amputations.

In Gaza, 50% of kids express no will to live. 46% suffer from acute anemia. The list is sadly long.

Palestine is under attack again. More kids are being wounded and need urgent medical and surgical assistance.

4-Stars rated by Charity Navigator over 6 consecutive years, PCRF continues its formidable work in healing Palestine Kids through its Surgery Center, Pediatric Clinics, Amputee program, Orphans supports, and other remarkable projects.

I'll match up to $10,000 of your donations to PCRF

Indignation matters. Donations save lives.

Thank you, for the kids.

ABOUT The PCRF Missions and Projects

The PCRF is a legally-registered non-political, non-profit, 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization established in 1991 by concerned people to address the medical and humanitarian needs of Palestinian and Arab youths in the Middle East. We have provided thousands of children life-saving care based on their need, not on religion, gender, nationality or sect.

The main objective of the PCRF is to identify and treat every child in the Middle East in need of specialized surgery not available to them locally. We locate, sponsor and run international, volunteer medical missions to the Middle East, in additional to locating free medical care abroad for children who cannot be adequately treated in the Middle East. The PCRF  is the main organization regularly sending injured and sick Arab children to North and South America, the Middle East and Europe for free care that is not available to them there. Since 1991 over 1,000 children have been abroad for millions of dollars of donated care, and over 10,000 have had complex surgery by our visiting medical missions to the region. The PCRF has been awarded the top 4-star rating by Charity Navigator for fiscal management, while being able to treat more kids than any other charity in the Middle East. 

Name Date Amount Comments
B T 06/22/2021 $1,000.00 Merci
Anonymous Friend 06/03/2021 $2,000.00  
Cyril Grislain 06/01/2021 $2,500.00 Thank you everybody! Share with your friends and we'll reach the target.
Eduardo Parente 05/31/2021 $100.00  
Brigitte Boucher 05/28/2021 $500.00  
Taha Ben 05/28/2021 $3,000.00  
Anonymous Friend 05/28/2021 $50.00  
Cyril Grislain 05/28/2021 $2,500.00 We are getting there!
Lamis Aljounaidi 05/28/2021 $50.00  
Anonymous Friend 05/28/2021 $100.00  
Anonymous Friend 05/28/2021 $50.00  
Kaouthar Trojette 05/28/2021 $100.00  
Anonymous Friend 05/28/2021 $100.00  
Rihab Jribi 05/27/2021 $30.00  
Mehdi Amous 05/25/2021 $1,000.00  
Anonymous Friend 05/25/2021 $500.00  
Aymen Rahmani 05/25/2021 $50.00  
Hassen Ayed 05/25/2021 $200.00 Excellent and thoughtful initiative. Thank you.
Cyril Grislain 05/24/2021 $5,000.00 Let's beat the target! If only in the honor of our own kids.
Manoel Amorim 05/24/2021 $2,000.00  
Anonymous Friend 05/24/2021 $50.00 Merci
Anonymous Friend 05/24/2021 $30.00  
Sonia Grislain 05/24/2021 $30.00  
All Lives Matter 05/24/2021 $20.00 Belle initiative ?
Sonia Ouertani 05/24/2021 $20.00 Ces enfants sont notre futur. On le leur doit, ce futur. Merci pour eux. Tahya Palestine.
Oussama Alioua 05/24/2021 $100.00  
  Total $21,080.00  
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