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Ibrahim Nasrallah's Fundraising Page
ABOUT Climb of Hope

On January 17, 2014, for the first time in history, three injured Arab children will climb Mt. Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain in Africa, to raise awareness and support for the plight of injured and sick children in Palestine and Syria. Mohammed, Mutussam and Yasmeen have all lost their limbs during their childhood and were treated abroad through the support of hundreds of volunteers in the PCRF. These injured teens are now training hard to climb Mt. Kiliimanjaro with a team of volunteers led by Suzanne Al-Houby, the first Arab & Palestinian woman to summit Everest and to reach the top of Kilimanjaro six times. The PCRF is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization with over 22 years of experience in providing cost-free medical care for sick and injured kids in the Middle East that isn't available to them in their homeland. Since being established in 1991, the PCRF has sent over 1000 needy children abroad for donated care, while treating thousands more in their home country. 

Name Date Amount Comments
ِArab Scientific Publishers Lebanon 03/25/2014 $1,000.00 Congratulation for the team for the success in reaching the summit; you have filled our hearts with hope.
Rania Barakat 03/01/2014 $500.00 It was an honor to Climb Kilimanjaro with Mr. Ibrahim :)
MOHAMMED EL AMRAOUI 02/05/2014 $40.00  
Reem Assamra 01/27/2014 $250.00  
Reem Assamra 01/27/2014 $250.00  
Anonymous Friend 01/23/2014 $100.00  
Anonymous Friend 01/22/2014 $15.00  
Sally Bland 01/21/2014 $100.00 I'm with you in spirit to the top!
Amin Muhtaseb 01/16/2014 $20.00 Best of luck to all
Maha Alami 01/14/2014 $200.00  
Anonymous Friend 01/14/2014 $1,000.00 They’ve once said; “One can pay back the loan of Gold, but one lies forever in debt to those who are kind” thank you so much Rania S Barakat for your genuine efforts in spreading the word all over for this great project (PCRF/ climb of Hope) and for passionately interdicting us to Yasina el Bataleh… another hero of beloved Palestine
Ziyad Alami 01/13/2014 $250.00  
Khaled Alami 01/13/2014 $2,000.00  
Monna and Amin Hashemi 01/13/2014 $150.00  
Zeina Sahyoun 01/13/2014 $100.00 Good Luck & Power To You! How Inspiring!
Razan Hamad 01/08/2014 $396.00 Good Luck.
Fady Masoud 01/06/2014 $50.00  
Stefania Griccioli 01/03/2014 $50.00  
Camille Hilmi 01/03/2014 $200.00 الى جميع المتطوعين في هذا العمل العظيم، تحية لكم على جهودكم الخيرة لنصرة الأمل والإنسان. شكراً لكم.. نتمنى لكم النجاح والتوفيق.
Ramzi Hashweh 01/02/2014 $50.00 Good luck Ibrahim and enjoy the journey.
Anonymous Friend 12/31/2013 $220.00  
Dr. Basheer Alami & Mrs. Huda Bdeir 12/27/2013 $2,000.00  
Ali Al Ameri 12/25/2013 $200.00 تحية وتقدير ومحبة
Evelyn and Ghazi Massouad 12/24/2013 $100.00 Good Luck.
Enrico Frattaroli 12/23/2013 $50.00 Mentre pensi agli altri, quelli lontani, pensa a te stesso, / e dì: magari fossi una candela in mezzo al buio.
Sancia Gaetani 12/20/2013 $50.00  
Fatima MANSOUR 12/18/2013 $10.00 Good luck on your adventure.
Susan Abulhawa 12/18/2013 $40.00 Best of luck, brother!
Elias Nasrallah 12/18/2013 $160.00 Best of luck for a noble cause
Izzat Darwazeh 12/18/2013 $160.00 Best of luck for the best of causes
Ali Abunimah 12/17/2013 $50.00  
Seba Demo 12/16/2013 $8.00 Saludi e trigu
Edin Derviskadic 12/16/2013 $15.00 Greetings from Bosnia and Hercegovina. If these kids can climb Kilimanjaro than Palestine can climb for freedom.
Mona Baker 12/14/2013 $50.00  
Jamal Fakhro 12/11/2013 $500.00 تحية لاطفال فلسطين
Cecilia M. 12/10/2013 $50.00 a journey to peace
Mojeb Alzahrani 12/09/2013 $500.00 معا نزرع الأمل وننمي الحلم
Anonymous Friend 12/09/2013 $50.00  
Ibrahim Muhawi 12/09/2013 $50.00 My best wishes to you and the children! May you all reach the top of Kilimanjaro safely! Ibrahim and Jane Muhawi
Rasheed El-Enany 12/09/2013 $50.00 May it be a climb to a better future for Palestinians.
Anonymous Friend 12/09/2013 $30.00 Great initiative.
  Total $11,064.00