Cycling4Gaza 2015 - The Gaza Mental Health Project
The Palestine Children's Relief Fund
Cycling4Gaza 2015 - The Gaza Mental Health Project
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Cycling4Gaza is an initiative founded by a group of determined and passionate young people in the wake of the 2009 war on Gaza. Its mission is to raise awareness about the on-going blockade on the Gaza Strip and to raise critical funds for carefully selected non-profit organisations that work to support Palestinians living under occupation and as refugees through education and healthcare. Cycling4Gaza provides a unique method to connect with Palestine through annual cycling challenges and various community awareness events and activities.

For detailed information on fundraising history and for visual accounts of each of the challenges, please click here.

Unicef estimates 373,000 children in Gaza are in desperate need of psycho-social support. However, given the continuous strain on health resources, mental health issues are often sidelined, leaving thousands of children without appropriate medical attention to heal their traumas and mental scars. If you would like to understand more about mental health trauma please click here.

In an effort to raise awareness and much needed funds, Cycling4Gaza #C4G2015 will support the Palestine Children’s Relief Fund newly launched Pediatric Mental Health Project in Gaza. The goal is to assess children’s needs, provide them the service they require, and train social workers in Gaza on the topic. We are dedicated to raise 286,000 USD to support the launch and running of the project for a year. In an effort to do so, 45 cyclists from all over the globe will be cycling 300km over 3 days from Alkmaar to the Hague, Netherlands on the 23rd of July.

To date, social workers have received extensive training on administering the two screening questionnaires prepared by the medical professionals assigned by the PCRF. Over 1,300 children have been screened by 5 field workers to date and their subsequent care program is currently being developed.

The project details are as follows:

1.  Gaza Mental Health Screening

  • Data analysis using SPSS software
  • Submitting Publications— academic journals and media outlets to increase international awareness for the current situation
  • Short video production to be utilized in presentations

 2.  Providing Clinical Services for Affected Children

  • Provide immediate treatment for the 10% most significantly impacted children which have already been identified (120 children which fulfil criteria for PTSD)
  • Partner with local organizations to provide the required medical services and treatment
  • Increase coordination of care between the PCRF social workers and local mental health providers
  • Develop the capacity within PCRF to provide basic therapeutic support through hiring clinical social workers with mental health experience
  • Develop group interventions for parents of moderately to severely affected children

3.  Developing and Providing Education and Training for Personnel in Gaza

  • Recruit volunteers to assist in training of staff social workers monthly to bi-monthly on topics pertaining to mental health
  • Bring in training teams of clinician; psychiatrists, psychologists, therapists to train local staff and partnering organizations

4.  Further Program Development

  • Develop and initiate group interventions designed to provide a therapeutic outlet for children
  • Develop and initiate group interventions designed to provide psychoeducation and processing outlet for parents
  • Build therapeutic playgrounds in collaboration with Playgrounds for Palestine to create safe and happy environments for the children to recover and reintegrate into society

The Gaza Mental Health Project is committed to identifying and treating children in Gaza in need of mental health care. Furthermore, the project aims to highlight the importance of addressing mental health care as a vital aspect of maintaining a normal and happy life, specifically in traumatic environments. This project will help transform the provision of mental health care in Gaza, in turn providing children with hope for a bright future.


ABOUT Cycling4Gaza 2015: Fundraising for Gaza PCRF Mental Health Initiative

The PCRF is a non-profit organization that predominantly provides medical relief for children under Israeli military occupation. It is the main organization in the region that sends injured children abroad for free medical care and brings in expert volunteer surgery teams to provide medical care and training for local medical personnel.  Over 1,000 children have been sent to the US for free medical care and over 10,000 children have received local medical care from visiting surgery teams.

The 2014 war on Gaza left thousands of children injured not only physically but also psychologically. Today, approximately 373,000 children in Gaza suffer from emotional and psychological trauma and are in dire need of mental care support and reintegration into society.

The objective of the Gaza Mental Health Project is to assess children’s needs, provide them the service they require and to train social workers on administering screening questionnaires. Over 1,300 children have been screened by 5 field workers to date and their subsequent programs are currently being developed.

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