Peer-to-Peer Campaign
Peer-to-Peer Campaign: 2023 Urgent Gaza Relief

Money Raised: $23,617,693.37  Campaign Goal: $30,000,000.00


The situation in Gaza is urgent, and it's one million children are suffering. The newest round of bombings there has left countless children needing immediate medical attention and basic necessities like food, water, and shelter.  Over the past 30 years, we have been providing critical medical care and supplying basic necessities to those most in need.  We urgently need your help to continue our vital work and provide immediate relief to these vulnerable children. Please make a donation to support our efforts. 

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Muslim Pro

  Raised: $374,960.02
  Goal: $500,000.00

Hadiyah Shalabi

  Raised: $71,245.00
  Goal: $75,000.00

PCRF Cleveland Chapter fundraising page

  Raised: $40,220.00
  Goal: $20,000.00

Meditate & Donate's Fundraising Page - 7

  Raised: $31,534.42
  Goal: $35,000.00

2023 Urgent Gaza Relief

  Raised: $29,370.00
  Goal: $3,000.00

Valencia Marathon 2023 - Gaza Children Relief Fund

  Raised: $26,065.00
  Goal: $25,000.00

Khalil Zayed family GAZA fundraiser

  Raised: $24,650.00
  Goal: $25,000.00

Rajieen’s Fundraising Page

  Raised: $23,504.99
  Goal: $100,000.00

Safar fundraising for the children of Gaza

  Raised: $23,100.00
  Goal: $20,000.00

Trinity Preparatory School Fundraiser for Children in Palestine

  Raised: $21,885.00
  Goal: $30,000.00

Samar's Fundraising Page

  Raised: $20,825.00
  Goal: $20,000.00

RJ and Ian Fundraising for Gaza

  Raised: $16,420.00
  Goal: $18,000.00

MuslimBasketball: Play for Palestine

  Raised: $13,016.00
  Goal: $20,000.00

Liberation4Palestine (Gaza Relief)

  Raised: $12,711.00
  Goal: $20,000.00

Gaza Relief fund: Cleveland,Ohio community support

  Raised: $12,525.00
  Goal: $15,000.00

PCRF Loyola University Chicago's Fundraising Team

  Raised: $11,496.00
  Goal: $0.00

UIUC PCRF Urgent Gaza Relief Fund

  Raised: $11,157.00
  Goal: $15,000.00

Fidaa Wishah

  Raised: $10,510.00
  Goal: $10,000.00

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