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Peer-to-Peer Campaign: TP4PCRF Chicago Marathon 2021 - Safad Hospital

Money Raised: $41,180.16 


TP4PCRF Chicago Marathon 2021 - Safad Hospital
Join Team Palestine for PCRF on Sunday October 10th to run in the streets of Chicago for the 43rd Bank of America Chicago Marathon. This will be Team Palestine’s 12th straight year participating in the Chicago Marathon, raising funds and awareness to provide medical and humanitarian relief to children throughout the Levant, regardless of their nationality, politics or religion. 
For the 2021 Bank of America Chicago Marathon, Team Palestine will raise funds for the Safad Hospital in Baddawi Refugee Camp in Lebanon.  Help us support the humanitarian needs of tens of thousands of Palestinian and Syrian refugees in northern Lebanon by providing much-need medical equipment to open the new facility. Located in the Baddawi refugee camp near Tripoli, funds raised will help provide equipment for three operating theaters, a recovery room, an ICU, and an intensive care unit for neonates. Health services for refugees in Lebanon are impacted by poverty, the continued statelessness of the Palestinian population in Lebanon, as well as the deterioration of the economy, and the Covid-19 pandemic. These factors have all continued to grave humanitarian crises in Lebanon's refugee camps. The goal of this humanitarian project is to ensure that refugees have access to health care despite these challenges.
Not only will you help raise the desperately needed funds and awareness for the sick and suffering refugees, you will be participating in one of the world's top 6 marathons. On race day, 45,000 runners from all 50 states and more than 100 countries will set out to accomplish a personal dream by reaching the finish line in Grant Park, with over a million spectators cheering you on! 
If you are a beginner or veteran runner, Team Palestine’s certified coach will help you get across the finish line and achieve your personal goals. There will also be group runs in the Chicagoland area to push you to race day.   
For questions or support related to this event please email us at

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You Don't Have to Be Muslim, You Just Have to be Human

  Raised: $10,867.00
  Goal: $10,000.00

Lena Hussien’s Fundraising Page

  Raised: $4,150.00
  Goal: $2,000.00

Josefa & Mark’s Fundraising Page for TP4PCRF

  Raised: $3,430.00
  Goal: $4,000.00

Ayesha and Ariya’s Fundraising Page

  Raised: $2,730.00
  Goal: $2,400.00

Yusra Ahmed

  Raised: $2,346.00
  Goal: $2,000.00

Maya Abboushi

  Raised: $2,300.00
  Goal: $3,000.00

Duha's Fundraising Page

  Raised: $2,030.00
  Goal: $2,000.00

Ahmad Abdeljawad

  Raised: $1,821.25
  Goal: $1,500.00

Chad Compton

  Raised: $1,700.00
  Goal: N/A

Kelly Compton

  Raised: $1,530.00
  Goal: $1,500.00

Ali Zeidan

  Raised: $1,280.00
  Goal: $1,500.00

Fares Ibrahim

  Raised: $1,250.91
  Goal: $1,250.00

Jafar Abunasser

  Raised: $1,250.00
  Goal: $10,000.00

Running for Palestinian Children's Relief Fund

  Raised: $960.00
  Goal: $2,000.00

Enas Tayyem

  Raised: $815.00
  Goal: $2,000.00

Michael Holmes

  Raised: $770.00
  Goal: $2,000.00

Alireza Datoo

  Raised: $455.00
  Goal: $2,000.00

Chicago Marathon 2.0

  Raised: $405.00
  Goal: $2,500.00

Mervat Abdallah

  Raised: $230.00
  Goal: $1,500.00

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