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Hello ZUDO Fam,

The beauty of our community is in how we come together in times of need. Today, we're reaching out with a special request: It's a call to come together for a cause that urgently needs our attention and support.

Throughout the month of April, 10% of all profits from every purchase will be donated to the Palestine Children Relief Fund, an organization dedicated to providing essential resources like food, clean water, and healthcare to Palestinians in need.

Whether you've been a part of our Purchase with Purpose campaign or are just hearing about it now, your purchase will not only bring you pieces that carry deeper meaning, but also contribute significantly to a cause close to our hearts.

>> Make a Purchase with Purpose

If you wish to contribute directly to this cause without making a purchase from us, you can donate directly on this page.

Why every purchase with purpose matters:

  • Sustained Support: Every purchase this month ensures essential provisions like food, clean water, and healthcare reach those in Gaza who need it most.⁠
  • Power of Unity: Each contribution, regardless of size, accumulates. Collectively, our impact is monumental.⁠
  • Amplify the Message: If a direct contribution isn't possible for you, spreading the word about our cause can broaden our influence and effect.

We understand that not everyone may be able to contribute financially, but you can make a meaningful difference by spreading the word about current events and the endeavors of all the organizations, brands, and individuals who are coming together in unwavering support of Palestine.

Together, we can make a profound impact. Thank you for standing with us in solidarity and for contributing to a cause that transcends boundaries.


With love and hope, 

The ZUDO Team


ABOUT Urgent Gaza Relief

The situation in Gaza is urgent, and it's one million children are suffering. The newest round of bombings there has left countless children needing immediate medical attention and basic necessities like food, water, and shelter.  Over the past 30 years, we have been providing critical medical care and supplying basic necessities to those most in need.  We urgently need your help to continue our vital work and provide immediate relief to these vulnerable children. Please make a donation to support our efforts. 

Name Date Amount Comments
ZUDO 04/15/2024 $3,742.00 Thank You #ZUDOFAM for helping us give back From Jan through Ramadan.
ZUDO 04/15/2024 $50.00 Donation from ZUDO Customer - F.A. Order #Z475152
Anonymous Friend 03/13/2024 $300.00 For Aid in Ramadan
ZUDO 12/31/2023 $5,239.00 Thank #ZUDOFAM
ZUDO 12/30/2023 $11,776.24 Thank you to our #ZUDOFam for raising $11,776.24 during Nov! Your collective passion and commitment is creating genuine, transformative change.
ZUDO 11/02/2023 $15,382.00  
  Total $36,489.24  
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